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Learning to Diversify Within Precious Metals

Diversification is an investment philosophy and strategy designed to manage overall risk. Assets are divided into "classes." Two assets that respond in the same way to changes in the economic landscape are said to be "correlated." Two assets that respond differently to changes in the economy are said to be "non-correlated." Stocks and precious metals, for example, are two different asset classes, as they generally do not go up and down at the same time as each other. That's why many investors have some of each in their financial portfolio and it's one of the key reasons that many people turn to gold.

What many people don't understand, though, is that you can follow this exact same strategy with your precious metals investments. In the gold market, this translates to balancing your portfolio between the two different metals asset classes – bullion and Certified Investment Grade Coins.

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The Bottom Line

You are doing the right thing to diversify INTO precious metals. But don't forget to also diversify WITHIN precious metals, or you could be right back on the same roller coaster ride that you have no doubt experienced with your traditional investments.

Watch this short video to learn how to diversify within precious metals using Gold American Eagle Proof 70 Investment Grade Coins to protect your investment portfolio over the long-term.