• History of American Silver Coins

    Although not as common as gold coins, silver coins have a rich history in the United States on their own Here we’ll give you a brief history of American silver coins. During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress attempted to create a national currency to supplant the currencies that we...
  • Choosing Between Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

    Choose your Precious Metal Much like diversification in your overall investment portfolio is wise, it is important to keep an eye on diversity when you invest in precious metals as well. Let’s take a look at the different options you have when choosing between gold, silver, and platinum—as ...
  • Common Uses of Silver

    Silver has been in demand for as long as humans have known about the metal. Its beauty, industrial uses, and overall properties have made it a valuable and sought-after commodity. Silver Jewelry The most well-known use for silver is for jewelry. Its shine and appearance make it widely desired for j...
  • The Properties of Silver

    The element silver has an atomic number of 47 and the chemical symbol Ag, from the Latin argentum, meaning “shining.” A precious metal, silver has been highly sought after throughout history for its beauty, but it also has many practical industrial uses, too. Although harder than gold, silver i...

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