• Gold as a Safe-Haven Investment

    When is the right time to buy gold? Chances are likely that you have seen or heard about the recent bounds gold has made in the market. Traditionally, gold moves inversely to the US Dollar. Gold has long been referred to as the crisis commodity, but when is it safe to buy gold? Some of us have ques...
  • 2010 New Silver Dollar Coins Released

    Silver Dollar Coins Released in 2010 The United States Mint are releasing two new silver dollar coins this year. The Boy Scouts of America Silver Dollar Centennial Commemorative Coin and the American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar coins have been approved and will be released next year. I...
  • Weakening Dollar Increasing Investor Interest in Buying Gold Bullion?

    Gold rallies when the dollar weakens We are in a financial crisis and the economy is in a state of turmoil. Gold prices are currently hovering and maintaining their four figure price. The weak dollar is the driving factor in why investors are seeking gold. They perceive gold as a safe investment. ...
  • Gold: Insurance for Your Investment Portfolio

    Despite the large loses in stocks and mutual funds over the last 10 years, few investors have pulled their money out of the stock market. Recent polls show that people are more bullish on the stock market now than during the highs of a few years ago. Investors are wise to consider risk in investmen...

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