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American Gold Buffalo

  • 4 Notable Native American Inspired Coins

    Still reeling from the excitement of last week’s 2019 Gold American Buffalo launch, we wanted to dive deeper into the legacy of Native American culture and the profound impact it has had not only on U.S. coinage but on the cultural heritage of our great nation as a whole. The Gold American Buff...
  • 2019 Gold American Buffalo Proof Coin Launch

    Each year, the U.S. Mint publishes a full calendar of coin releases that mark everything from milestones in our nation's history to celebrations of notable American leaders. Up next in this year’s lineup is the 2019 Gold American Buffalo Proof coin, set to be released by the U.S. Mint at noon ea...
  • History of the Gold American Buffalo

    The Gold American Buffalo has been a highly sought after commodity since 2006. Collectors and investors everywhere are captivated by the Gold American Buffalo’s beauty and value, but some may not know the rich history behind it. Its history spans over a century and it has shaped the appeal of th...

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