Investors should gather healthy stockpiles of gold, silver, and palladium because the precious metals will continue swinging upward next year, according to the commodities research head of Societe Generale.

"We might see some gold-price rally again because of the recent fears regarding sovereign debt, and also the impact it may have on the dollar-euro," Frederic Lasserre told reporters, according to Bloomberg.

Thus far in 2010, precious metals' performance has been remarkably strong as nations throughout the globe struggle to emerge from the economic crisis while investors seek security as economies wobble. Prices for spot gold have advanced 24 percent, palladium has increased 75 percent, and silver has gone up 64 percent.

The main bullish factor for gold is the increasing pace of liquidity injections from central banks around the globe as they attempt to emerge from the worst global recession since World War II. Banks competing with Societe General were not in disagreement with Lasserre's commentary.

Goldman Sachs predicted earlier this month that precious metals will generate commodities' best returns in 2011. The global head of commodities research at Deutsche Bank has termed precious metals among the "safest long positions".