Precious Metals investing is a journey unlike many others. There’s an approach to fit every type of investor, regardless of experience, and the process of finding the perfect hard asset piece can be as involved – or not – as each individual investor likes.

For the United States Gold Bureau, one of the best parts of our job is getting to help clients chart a course to sound financial health that is perfectly tailored to their own unique needs. From identifying and acquiring the right investment pieces, to preserving and even growing the value of asset holdings, the U.S. Gold Bureau prides itself on being an expert resource and indispensable support system for each of our clients, wherever they are in the investment process.

A crucial aspect of any investment portfolio is its degree of liquidity. When you’re ready to cash in on your hard-earned precious metals holding, it’s important to know how and when is best to capitalize on your investments in the most optimal way.

In our unwavering quest to be the premier precious metals resource for our clients, the U.S. Gold Bureau offers a fast and secure Buy Back Program that allows investors to receive at or near current spot price for their bullion gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars. The process is completed within three easy steps and takes a matter of days from the time items are received at our secure processing center to when clients receive payouts.

A list of bullion coins and bars that the U.S. Gold Bureau accepts, regardless of where the pieces were originally purchased, along with current buy back prices, can be found via our Payouts Catalog.

Additionally, we will buy back any precious metals purchased directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau, including investment grade certified coins and bullion pieces, no questions asked. Our Buy Back Guarantee for items originally purchased through U.S. Gold Bureau includes three ways to sell to us, which can be explored here.

Sell Your Bullion Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum Coins and Bars to the U.S. Gold Bureau in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Identify the Precious Metals You Wish to Sell

The first step in our Buy Back Program is for investors looking to sell their coins or bars to locate those products on our website and review the current payout price on offer. You can see the current Payout Per Unit price either on an item’s individual page in our online store or within our extensive Payouts Catalog. In the Catalog, items can be easily filtered by metal and item type (i.e. coin or bar), and each product accepted under those specifications will be listed for the client’s review.

Payout amounts are based on current spot prices of the commodity metal from which items are made, as determined by the Commodities Exchange (COMEX). The U.S. Gold Bureau typically purchases gold, silver, palladium and platinum coins and bars at or near the current COMEX spot price, depending on the item and its relevant market demand.

Payout prices are subject to change in line with current market rates until a payout price is “locked.”

Step 2: Lock in Your Payout Price, Obtain Mailing Label, and Pack and Ship Your Item(s) to Our Secure Processing Facility

After identifying the items to sell, clients are guided through a short series of online tasks to establish the scope of the buyback transaction and verify the seller’s identity. After setting up an online U.S. Gold Bureau account and completing the transaction process, sellers will receive a FedEx mailing label generated by the U.S. Gold Bureau to use in shipping their items to our secure facility. Once a mailing label is generated, the payout prices for items within the transaction are locked in and clients have 48 hours to ship the package to us via FedEx in order to maintain the quoted payout price.

Step 3: U.S. Gold Bureau Receives Items, Authenticates & Verifies the Metals, and Processes Payout to Client

Each buy back item received by the U.S. Gold Bureau undergoes a rigorous authentication process to verify composition, weight and quality of the products being sold. Future clients can rest assured that all pieces purchased from our carefully curated inventory, including previously owned items acquired through our Buy Back Program, meet the highest of quality standards.

Once a Buy Back package is received, our team opens the box under a high-definition camera to ensure transparency and security of the product(s) during the unpacking phase. The count and specific items are checked against the order generated in Step 2, after which, the pieces proceed to the testing and verification phase.

The U.S. Gold Bureau holds the quality of our inventory in the highest regard, and in support of our enduring quest to bring trust and integrity to precious metals investing, our team of experts goes to great lengths to ensure the integrity, authenticity and general quality of each piece we acquire.

The PMV allows the U.S. Gold Bureau team to move through a variety of checkpoints to assess the legitimacy of an item, including detecting counterfeit products, confirming that the material claimed is indeed what the item is made of, measuring the raw metallic bulk of items to confirm accurate density, cross-checking sample thickness a series of other tests.

After clients’ items are received, verified and authenticated, the U.S. Gold Bureau team processes the client’s payout. The U.S. Gold Bureau will process and deliver payments according to clients’ preferences as identified in Step 2 of the buy-back process. Options include electronic deposit, mailed paper check or store credit.

Payouts are typically processed within five business days of the U.S. Gold Bureau receiving the clients’ package.

We Take Authentication Seriously, and Here’s Why that Matters for You.

Since our founding, one of the primary missions of the United States Gold Bureau has been to bring “trust and integrity to all aspects of the precious metals acquisition process.” With that credo in mind, the U.S. Gold Bureau continues our dedication to offering the best precious metals on the market. When clients work with the U.S. Gold Bureau, they can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality investment items available, accompanied by the utmost in customer care and service.

Part of upholding this commitment is subjecting our Buy Back Program the highest levels of scrutiny, as demonstrated by the verification process outlined in Step 3. Such diligence to verification ensures each product purchased by the U.S. Gold Bureau is legitimate and accurately described.

While it may seem far-fetched, counterfeit precious metals is a serious issue that can have lasting negative impacts on the hard money industry. When rumors or even bona fide instances of precious metals fraud take hold, it’s often individual investors themselves who bear the brunt of the fallout.

As we’ve reported on in the past, price fluctuations inherent in the precious metals market are particularly prone to waves of counterfeiting scams. When prices are low, investors tend to rush to purchase coins and bars, sometimes lowering inhibitions and raising susceptibility to scams.

This pattern of opportunism and predatory practices by scammers underscores the need for investors to always work with reputable metals dealers. Partnering with reputable, trusted and established outfits like the United States Gold Bureau and taking the time to understand the extent to which these entities safeguard the integrity of their inventory will go far in helping to protect your hard-earned investment holdings against the unfortunate impacts of scams.

If you’re ready to cash in on your investment portfolio – whether in whole or in part – give our Buy Back Program a look! Have questions? Our team of experts is standing by to lend a hand (800-775-3504).