In a recent video interview with Louis James, the chief investment strategist for the metals division of noted firm Casey Research, James was seen saying that he believes there are opportunities for those looking at today's gold prices and wondering if now is the right time to get involved. While gold stocks are what James is often touted for his expertise in during media interviews, he also pays close attention to gold itself and tracks its value in the market since it is so closely connected with the mining company stocks he is an expert on.

James distinguished himself as "firmly bullish" during the interview and when the interviewer tried to insist that "gold doesn't have any real use" the strategist was quick to point out that gold is not just a store of real value, it is also a real currency. He further insisted that that stating gold has "no real use" is patently false.

"If gold isn't working right now you need to look on it as a buying opportunity," stated James.

The strategist advised that those who are looking to speculate should focus on gold stocks. Being a foremost expert on the gold mining companies in operation today, James knows the precious metals market around the world in a way that few others seen in today's financial media do. He is noted for having been to mining sites in both Argentina and the Democratic Republic of the Congo where he could get a first hand look at how things are run, and where gold is quite literally being brought up from the earth. This kind of first hand knowledge makes Louis James a unique source of advice for many investors.

"Markets fluctuate," James told the interviewer, and when gold prices drop to lower levels after what has been an 11 year bull run, "those are buying opportunities.".

Owning gold is more suitable for those looking to make a long term investment, the strategist reminded viewers. "Gold stocks are more volatile than owning gold," he reiterated. Those looking to own physical gold are far more likely to see value remain stable since the yellow metal remains a powerful way to hedge a portfolio against inflation. Global central banks can and will continue to print currency, most analysts say, but this gold holdings can help investors shore up against unexpected and often painful changes in the value of their overall holdings.

James stated that when an investor chooses gold, they are choosing to forego financial assets that are a liability to someone else. They are not having to rely on paper assets, brokers or funds that are responsible for making their asset give a return and this is what the strategist sees as the genuine strong point for those that choose to invest in precious metals, such as gold.

Touching on a point that will certainly hit home with those choosing to invest in gold around the world today, James had this to say:

"It’s something you can hold in your hand or put in a safe. If push comes to shove, somebody will take that gold from you in exchange for things of value that you may need in the future.".

This statement encapsulates the primary reason that so many decide that no matter where gold prices go, this is one investment that is worth having over the long term just as it has been for so many other people since the beginning of recorded history.