gold-plated-iphone-shocks-investorsJust when gold investors thought they have heard everything, there comes the story of what is perhaps the strangest gold investment of all, a gold-plated Apple iPhone 5. While common uses of gold have long included decorative purposes, such 'bling' of hi-tech gadgets comes as a shock to many who might not have known that there have been several different Apple products given this type of treatment using gold and even diamonds. For those investing in precious metals, having a gold-plated iPhone 5 might not seem like the ideal investment, but the rarity of such a device is sure to make it more valuable in the decades to come. This latest gold-plated iPhone was reported by Mashable as not having a publicly known price, but it is safe to say that it should be relatively high considering that the normal device without gold plating sells for $849 with no contract in place.

Although a gold investment is typically considered to be pure gold in either bullion, bar or coin form, all gold has value based on its purity and weight, but it is doubtful any buyer would ever strip the gold from such a unique device. In terms of common uses of gold, decoration has a genuinely long history due to gold's visual appeal and resistance to corrosion, something that makes gold-plated iPhone 5's something of an upgrade because the standard version has a widely reported tendency to scratch easily. For those investing in precious metals, such a device might not be to their liking, but for collectors who also appreciate the value of the artistry and design prowess required to make such a device, the gold and diamond encrusted Apple MacBook Pro Mashable reported nearly a year ago could hold real appeal. The device was a working MacBook Pro with a special case featuring a unique design in 24 karat gold plating, the Apple logo was represented in an appropriately shaped grouping of diamonds.

Prices for these devices place them out of the hands of most consumers, with Gold & Co's gold-plated iPhone 4S selling for over $1,200 and a price tag of $4,600 on their gold-plated iPad. Gold & Co is a London company who will be selling their products from the Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates. Another London designer, Stuart Hughes, also makes a gold-plated iPad. His is rumored to have been sold for a whopping $189,000 due to the fact that it features 22 karat gold as well as a clustering of more than 50 flawless diamonds.

Luxury devices like these are generally only affordable by the super-rich, but they demonstrate how gold continues its historical role as a symbol of great wealth. There is no known reason to believe that gold will lose its place as a primary decorative element for luxury items, either. This gives investors peace of mind because there is only so much gold which can be mined from the Earth, and scarcity is a primary driver of value. Even those who might not choose such high-end gold devices can still invest in gold coins or even bullion to get their hands on this valuable precious metal today.