The myth of King Midas and the Midas touch is the ultimate "be careful what you wish for" parable. Midas was the King of Pessinus, a city in Phrygia. He was a good king but had an obsession with gold and money.

The myth of the Midas touch begins when Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, passed through town. His tutor, Silenus the satyr, wandered drunkenly into King Midas' rose garden where he passed out. Midas recognized the satyr and took him in for 10 days. He showed him excellent hospitality and on the tenth day, brought him back to Dionysus who was so grateful, he offered Midas anything he wished for.

Midas, gold-obsessed as he was, wished that everything he touched turned to gold. Dionysus warned him to think twice before he made his wish, but the king couldn't see the downside. Unable to convince him otherwise, Dionysus told the king that the next day, everything he touched would turn to gold.

At first, King Midas was thrilled with his new ability to turn everything to gold. That is, of course, until he couldn't eat, drink or smell the roses from his garden without them turning to gold. He even turned his beloved daughter into gold.

Dionysus felt sorry for Midas, and told him to wash himself at the River Pactolus. After he did, the gold rushed away from his hands, and upon his touch, everything turned back to normal, including his daughter.

Next time you get hungry for too much money or power, take a lesson from King Midas, and never let greed cloud your better judgment.