No American coin has ever conjured up the image of the Old West more than The Morgan Silver Dollar.

This single coin is considered to be one of the most valuable and collectible U.S. coins to ever be minted. Remaining specimens of this coin continue to draw monumental prices when they do come up for sale; their popularity has grown into legendary proportions.

Tales from the West abound and keep the mysticism surrounding the coin alive. Designed by George T. Morgan this silver dollar was created from the enormous silver lodes that had been discovered in Nevada. While the first ones were minted at the Carson City Mint from 1878 to 1893, others were minted in Denver in 1924 and in New Orleans from 1879-1904. Both Philadelphia and San Francisco minted the coins throughout its history.

You can tell where they were minted by the letter codes stamped on each coin. The only mint that had no mark was Philadelphia. All others used a combination of letters such as CC (the acronym for Carson City) to indicate where they were minted.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is considered by most collectors to be true work of art and the best of the many designs created by George T. Morgan. On the obverse side, Lady Liberty's head fills the bulk of the face and is surrounded by the date, 13 stars and the phrase E Pluribus Unum, which is Latin for "Out of Many, One."

On the back of the coin the bald eagle is perched on a branch and clasps arrows in one of its talons. Its wings are spread wide and the whole image is surrounded in part by a wreath. The motto "In God We Trust" sits above the eagle's head. Around the rim of the reverse side are the words One Dollar and United States of America. The words One Dollar have a start on either side and the mint mark, if there is one, sits below the wreath.

While this is the basic design, there were literally hundreds of variations. These include the seven and eight tail feather versions. This tremendous variety keeps collectors very busy trying to add one to their collection that they do not already have. Over the years these coins have turned in huge collections like the Redfield hoard. But in the late 60s the Treasury found almost 3 million of these silver dollars that had never been circulated, they were eventually sold off by the GSA and became known as GSA Morgan Dollars. The sheer beauty of their design and overall rarity make them one of the most collectible coins to ever be produced in U.S.