Silver and gold stocks are said to be showing very promising signs for a rally, according to The Market Oracle. When analyzing the latest gold prices, Dr. Robert McHugh noted that an upward trend is likely to begin and that the rally should last several months. Using advanced trend analysis, Dr. McHugh has built his reputation on forecasting the way stocks and precious metals will react to various market conditions.

"The next rally will be powerful and last a long time, probably more than a year," McHugh stated. While some could profit from mining stocks, owning physical quantities of gold and silver is an option that appeals to many investors. By holding these in one's portfolio, McHugh sees most people profiting as the market values continue to rise in the coming months. This is good news for those that are thinking of a short-term investment, but also for those looking to invest in gold and silver over the long haul.

To elaborate, Dr. McHugh went on to say, "It will take time for those levels to be achieved, but the important point is precious metals and mining stocks remain in a Bull market, and the juicy part of this Bull market lies ahead.”

Owning precious metals and gold stocks is a popular investment choice for those looking to hedge against inflation. The rally mentioned by The Market Oracle closely resembles what other commentators, like Robert Russell, have been forecasting.

While no one can predict with absolute certainty what the economy will do, it is interesting to note that so many investors have publicly expressed their confidence that gold and silver will be able to maintain their value despite economic upheaval and that the price over time will rise.

These are good conditions for those that want to start investing in precious metals. New investors are typically advised to take advantage of such an opportunity, especially if they are looking to build a portfolio for the long run.