An Indian temple adorned with precious metals as ornaments and jewelry is one of the richest in the subcontinent, according to a published report that cited the shrine's audit report.

Located about 256 kilometers (nearly 160 miles) East of Mumbai, the Shirdi Sai temple of Maharashtra has precious metal assets worth 320 million rupees (nearly $7.1 million). Its investments total 420.17 crore rupees (nearly $9.3 million).

Open to adherents and devotees of all faiths, creeds and religions, the Shirdi Saibaba Temple pays tribute to Shri Sai Baba. In the early 18th Century, he showed up in the Shirdi Village and lived in a mosque. As time passed, his simple expression and abilities of dealing with problems won over villagers. The village become a destination for pilgrims. He did not keep gifts bestowed to him but instead gave them to those in need.

Gold is among the ornaments and jewelry, which are valued at 24.41 crore rupees (nearly $540,000). Silver at the shrine totals 3.26 crore rupees (more than $72,000).

The temple holds silver coins worth 612,317 rupees ($15,536), gold coins worth 1.288 crore rupees ($28,477) and gold pendants worth 1.123 crore rupees ($24,833).