• Where are the Largest Gold Deposits in the World?

    Some of the largest gold deposits in the world are in places you wouldn't expect. Although much gold has already been mined throughout human history and the gold reserves of foreign countries are massive, there are still large gold deposits out there. Some of them are in places you wouldn’t expec...
  • What is Fort Knox?

    Commonly known as Fort Knox, the building most people think about when they hear that name is the United States Bullion Depository, located next to Fort Knox, Kentucky. It stores much of the United States gold reserves and other valuable items belonging to the federal government. How Much Gold is i...
  • History of the California Gold Rush Creating Wealth

    The California Gold Rush Created Wealth out West Although popularly known as the 49ers, the California Gold Rush actually began a year earlier in 1848. This was a less than a decade period where people moved to California in hopes of capitalizing on the discovery of gold in the American territory. ...
  • Gold Reserves by Country

    While most gold in the world is held in private hands, a surprisingly large amount—about 20%—is held by governments, international organizations, and central banks. This is who owns the most in the world. The United States' Gold Reserves Perhaps not surprisingly, the largest reserves of gold in...
  • Gold as a Safe-Haven Investment

    When is the right time to buy gold? Chances are likely that you have seen or heard about the recent bounds gold has made in the market. Traditionally, gold moves inversely to the US Dollar. Gold has long been referred to as the crisis commodity, but when is it safe to buy gold? Some of us have ques...

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