• What Are Gold Ingots?

    Gold ingots are large gold bars that have been created by pouring molten gold into a mold and allowing it to solidify. Gold ingots are the heaviest of gold bars and are referred to as “cast.” This is compared to smaller bars, which are referred to as “minted.” Casting Gold isn’t the ...
  • Where Are Coins Minted in Canada?

    Canada has two mint locations: The Ottawa Branch and the Winnipeg Branch. Unlike the United States, where coins are minted in several different locations, coins in Canada are only minted in two locations: Ottawa and Winnipeg. The history of these locations goes back just over a hundred years to 1...
  • Where Are Coins Minted in the United States?

    Coins in the United States are minted in four different facilities. The United States Mint currently operates six different facilities, though only four of those mint coins. The two facilities that don’t mint coins are the United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox and the United States Mint H...
  • What is Fort Knox?

    Commonly known as Fort Knox, the building most people think about when they hear that name is the United States Bullion Depository, located next to Fort Knox, Kentucky. It stores much of the United States gold reserves and other valuable items belonging to the federal government. How Much Gold is i...
  • History of the California Gold Rush Creating Wealth

    The California Gold Rush Created Wealth out West Although popularly known as the 49ers, the California Gold Rush actually began a year earlier in 1848. This was a less than a decade period where people moved to California in hopes of capitalizing on the discovery of gold in the American territory. ...

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