• The History of Numismatics

    For as long as coins and money have been around, people have been collecting them. In fact, records of coin collecting go all the way back to the time of Caesar Augustus and Petrarch is often considered the first coin collector of the Renaissance era. Gold is one of the most coveted precious metals ...
  • History of American Gold Coins

    Although the United States has a briefer history than many countries in the world, the history of gold coins in the United States is as rich and interesting as any other country’s. From the $5 Liberty Head to the Double Eagle, United States gold coins provide an interesting look at the history of ...
  • Who is Augustus Saint-Gaudens?

    Born in Ireland, Augustus Saint-Gaudens moved to New York City with his family before the age of one. From this beginning, he went on to become not only one of the greatest American sculptors of all time but also perhaps the most influential coin designer in American history. Raised in New York C...
  • Where Are Coins Minted in Canada?

    Canada has two mint locations: The Ottawa Branch and the Winnipeg Branch. Unlike the United States, where coins are minted in several different locations, coins in Canada are only minted in two locations: Ottawa and Winnipeg. The history of these locations goes back just over a hundred years to 1...
  • Where Are Coins Minted in the United States?

    Coins in the United States are minted in four different facilities. The United States Mint currently operates six different facilities, though only four of those mint coins. The two facilities that don’t mint coins are the United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox and the United States Mint H...

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