The science of Ayurveda is in essence a practice of holistic medicine that has its roots in ancient India. More than this however, it goes beyond standard holistic medicine and includes a focus on the cosmic forces. The belief is that our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing affect our overall health and that energy that is emitted by the natural pull of all of the planets in our solar system has a definite effect as well. The practitioners of Ayurveda believe that certain healing metals can be used to counteract the negative energy that is being drawn from within the cosmos. These metals can then help to treat the body and help it to heal within its life force energy as well as in a purely physical sense.

Among the healing metals being used you will find gold, silver, copper and iron. All are used within Ayurvedic medicine and play a very import role in maintaining the overall well-being of the patient. Each of these metals including gold is thought to affect the human body at the cellular level by virtue of their individual electromagnetic energy. While this might seem a little far-fetched to those who are use to modern Western medicine, others maintain a strong belief that these metals are projecting some form of "astral light" that counteracts the negative energy that is believed to be the cause of many of the human body's ills. You will find that many people who suffer from conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis wear a copper bracelet. The use of gold in Ayurveda involves making a tonic that is used in the treatment of many ailments including heart and lung conditions, epilepsy and mild cases of hysteria. This tonic is used to help improve the memory and raise intelligence levels.

To make the tonic a piece of gold is place in two cups of water, which is then boiled until the liquid has halved. The person takes one to two teaspoons of the resulting tonic. The rational is that the tonic is charged with the electromagnetic energy of the gold, which is very beneficial to the well-being of the patient. While the use of gold in medicine may have its roots in Ayurveda, this is not the only culture that uses metals as a form of medical treatment. In western cultures silver has been used as an antibacterial for centuries and gold is a popular treatment for arthritis. Some Western doctors are looking very closely at the use of various metals in the treatment of many conditions including both gold and platinum in the treatment of cancer.