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The U.S. Gold Bureau monitors news and current events that affect the price of gold, silver prices, precious metals and Investment Grade diamonds.

The gold price chart shows current real-time prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These charts can be used to show prices for the hour, day, month, quarter, year-to-date, and 12-month period. Our slider tool allows you to select a custom range of dates for pricing of gold and other precious metals. Simply slide the ends of the scroll bar to the desired date or time range to obtain the gold price for that specific time period.

For the latest price of silver, platinum, or palladium click on the desired precious metal in the menu directly above the interactive charts. Get a free investment guide to better understand the gold price chart and how precious metals fit within your investment portfolio or contact an investment representative at (800) 775-3504 for a free consultation.

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Since bullion is a commodity, our purchase price is related to the current spot price of the metal, as determined by the Commodities Exchange (COMEX). We generally buy at or near the current spot price, depending on the exact item and market demand.

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Investment Grade Coins Outperform Bullion over Last 6 Years*

An Era of Volatility: Investment Grade Coins Break Away From Bullion Prices and Increase in Value While the Gold Market Retracts

Performance Based on Initial Investment of $10,000

2016 Gold American Eagle Chart
.April 2010: A $10k initial investment would buy 8.71 oz of gold or approximately 2 rare Gold American Eagle Proof 70 sets (8 coins). .May 2010: The price of Gold bullion and Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets jumps as investor demand drives prices higher. .June 2011: The market price of Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets rallies as supply of key sets diminishes. .Aug 2011: Gold bullion reaches a record high above $1,900 per ounce based on investor concern related to the downgrading of the U.S. Credit Rating, and the Debt Ceiling. .Aug 2012: A rush of investors begins to liquidate their bullion and move into Investment Grade Coins, including Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets. .Sept 2012: Gold bullion hits a high for the year, as the Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling talks reach a fever pitch. .Nov 2012: Gold bullion starts a multi-month slide, while the price of Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets continues to climb. .Jan-Sept 2013: Gold bullion prices fall week-over-week, including a massive crash in mid-April, which dropped the price by $170 per ounce over 2 trading days. .Dec 2013: The market price of gold drops below $1,200 per ounce as the Fed announces a “tapering” of the bond-buying, which had been helping to prop up the market somewhat. .Feb 2014: Bullion prices solidified in Q1 of 2014 as Russia rattled it sabers in Ukraine and around the world. .Mar 2014: Gold Eagle Proof 70 hold their gains even as gold bullion starts a tumultuous year of price volatility. .June-July 2014: Militant group ISIS breaks onto the international news scene with brutal terrorist acts in the Middle East, putting world financial markets on edge. .October 2014: Fears of the Ebola virus rock the United States and countries around the world. Meanwhile, gold prices fall as the Stock Market rallies. .February 2015: After two years of stability and moderate growth, the Gold Eagle Proofs begin a new phase of appreciation as traditional bullion investors move toward Investment Grade Coins. .May 2015: Austerity measures strike Greece and send the Eurozone into a tailspin. World currencies sputter, leaving the U.S. dollar looking relatively strong, which pushes gold bullion prices even lower. .December 2015: Federal Reserve increased U.S. interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade as gold prices plunge to 5-year low. .April 2016: Gold rallies posting best quarter since 1986 crushing every other asset class.

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