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The U.S. Gold Bureau monitors news and current events that affect the price of gold, silver prices, and precious metals.

The gold price chart shows current real-time prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These charts can be used to show prices for the hour, day, month, quarter, year-to-date, and 12-month period. Our slider tool allows you to select a custom range of dates for pricing of gold and other precious metals. Simply slide the ends of the scroll bar to the desired date or time range to obtain the gold price for that specific time period.

For the latest price of silver, platinum, or palladium click on the desired precious metal in the menu directly above the interactive charts. Get a free investment guide to better understand the gold price chart and how precious metals fit within your investment portfolio or contact an investment representative at (800) 775-3504 for a FREE consultation.

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Investing in Gold Bullion

Gold bullion in both coin and bar form is internationally recognized as a valuable commodity that can easily be turned to cash - it is the second most 'liquid' valuable commodity after cash. It is exchangeable at international gold spot prices worldwide, making it quite a versatile asset to hold. It is preferable to buy gold bullion if one fears too much fluctuation in foreign exchange rates, as international gold spot prices remain quite stable over short periods of time. Even if there is fluctuation in prices, it is much insulated as compared to the extent and frequency of volatility that even the most stable currencies experience.

The United States Gold Bureau is a respected and trustworthy source to buy gold bullion as well as bullion in other precious metals (these include platinum and silver). Apart from bullion, rare coins are available from both the pre-1933 period as well as more modern limited mint editions.

One can buy gold bullion (or any other metal) if a short term safe investment opportunity is preferred. This precious metal bullion can then be sold at international spot prices for these metals in any precious market in the world, for the respective currencies in these markets.

Rare gold, platinum and silver coins from the pre-1933 era as well as modern mints can also be bought from the United States Gold Bureau. If one does not wish to buy gold bullion (or wants to supplement it in order to diversify), and wishes to hold the precious metal for a longer time frame, these rare coins are the perfect option. As rare coins are in limited supply, their price steadily increases over time. This happens because even though more gold is being mined every day, the number of these coins (minted by a goldsmith or the United States government in the past) stays the same. With time, the value of these rare coins increases and one can sell these at a handsome profit - usually if held for a long period, say for example a decade.

A major benefit for those who buy rare coins in precious metals (rather than buy gold bullion) is that the prices of these do not move along the spot price for regular gold (or other precious metal) bullion.

These coins are deemed 'rare', so they are in finite supply and are considered collectors' items. Hence, much like the prices of rare works of art, furniture and jewelry, rare coins also enjoy premium prices. Generally, the older and rarer, the more expensive, and the more immune to international gold (and other precious metal) spot prices.

The United States Gold Bureau is based in Austin, Texas. It has invested in a technologically state-of-the-art facility that enables it to process each order / transaction with the utmost care (considering the high value product they deal in). The United States Gold Bureau is an authorized precious metals dealer / distributor through both the PCGS and the NGC. Their investment education initiative regularly publishes a precious metal investment newsletter for customers and others who are signed up to receive this, keeping these individuals up to date with the precious metals investment scenario, trends in spot prices, and new mints as these are made available at the United States Gold Bureau.

Investment Grade Coins Outperform Bullion over Last 8 Years*

An Era of Volatility: Investment Grade Coins Break Away From Bullion Prices and Increase in Value While the Gold Market Retracts

  • JAN 2010: A $10k initial investment would buy 8.71 ounces of gold or approximately 2 rare Gold American Eagle Proof 70 sets (8 coins).
  • MAY 2010: The price of Gold bullion and Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets jumps as investor demand drives prices higher.
  • JUN 2011: The market price of Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets rallies as supply of key sets diminishes.
  • AUG 2011: Gold bullion reaches a record high above $1,900 per ounce based on investor concern related to the downgrading of the U.S. Credit Rating, and the Debt Ceiling.
  • AUG 2012: A rush of investors begins to liquidate their bullion and move into Investment Grade Coins, including Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets.
  • SEP 2012: Gold bullion starts a multi-month slide, while the price of Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets continues to climb.
  • JAN 2013: Gold bullion prices fall week-over-week through the middle of the year.
  • DEC 2013: The market price of gold drops below $1,200 per ounce as the Fed announces a "tapering" of the bond-buying.
  • FEB 2014: Bullion prices solidified in Q1 of 2014 as Russia rattles it sabers in Ukraine and around the world.
  • MAR 2014: Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets continues to out-perform the market as demand exceeds supply.
  • JUN 2014: Militant group ISIS breaks onto the international news scene with brutal terrorist acts in the Middle East, putting world financial markets on edge.
  • OCT 2014: Fears of the Ebola virus rocks the United States and countries around the world. Meanwhile, gold prices fall as the Stock Market rallies.
  • FEB 2015: After two years of stability and moderate growth, the Gold Eagle Proofs begin a new phase of appreciation as traditional bullion investors move towards Investment Grade Coins.
  • MAY 2015: Austerity measures strike Greece and send the Eurozone into a tailspin. World currencies sputter, leaving the U.S. dollar looking relatively strong, pushing gold prices even lower.
  • DEC 2015: Federal Reserve increases U.S. interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade as gold prices plunge to 5-year low.
  • JUN 2016: Fallout from the "Brexit" vote leads to the resignation of the Prime Minister David Cameron and starts a rally in metals prices.
  • SEP 2016: U.S. Presidential Election drives metals prices higher.
  • APR 2017: Gold continues to remain volatile as the stock market stays bullish into the summer.
  • JUN 2017: The PF70 Index is consolidating and shows signs of another upward trend.

Buying and Investing in Gold

Gold is a precious metal, is indestructible and is circulated in limited supply. These features made it the ideal medium of exchange for value many millennia ago when the barter system started showing trouble in terms of longevity of commodities exchanged and disagreements over respective values. Today, individuals buy gold as both a short and long term investment. It is easy to see why - gold is one of the most stable (hence safe) investments one can make, and it is also easy to sell and buy gold, as it is an internationally recognized valuable metal.

There are two options available for those who want to buy gold as an investment. The first is to buy gold in bullion form. These are gold bars or standard gold coins, which can be traded at the spot value for gold. Although this value steadily increases over time, short term dips and peaks are seen frequently and this kind of gold investment is hence exposed to some risk - in terms of changing equilibrium prices based on supply and demand variations for gold worldwide.

Buying gold bullion is one of the best 'safe' investment decisions one can make, especially if cash is inadvisable to hold over the short run in large amounts.

The second option is to buy gold in the form of rare coins, also called certified gold. Even though the price of gold bullion on the international gold market sees some fluctuation, the price of rare gold coins stays stable - in fact it only increases with time. This is because of the 'rarity' element in this gold - it was crafted centuries, or decades ago as might be the case, the craftsman who created it is no longer alive and so the number of these coins made by the craftsman in question must be limited - keeping supply strictly limited.

With such a limited supply (and even assuming a stagnant demand), the price of this gold is much higher than regular bullion gold traded in international markets.

The difference in prices when one goes out to buy gold in bullion form versus the rare coin form is quite substantial - gold in the rare coin form costs up to four times more than gold bullion. This price difference however, could be manifold, depending on the 'make' of the rare gold coin, its age, history and origin. Such gold is treated as a collectors' item and its price acts much like the price of rare art and other collectors' items. Needless to say, the price of authentic rare gold coins is inelastic to international gold market price fluctuations.

The United States Gold Bureau is a private dealer and distributor of both gold bullion and rare coins. It sells all kinds of precious metals and specializes in certified pre-1933 and modern gold and silver. The United States Gold Bureau's customers consist of collectors, dealers, accumulators, banks, brokerage houses, investors and speculators. This gold dealer can fulfill needs of all those wanting to buy gold as an investment - in amounts large and small.

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