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Large Portfolio Metals Trading

Large Portfolio Metals Trading | U.S. Gold Bureau

Buy and Sell Gold and Silver Without Taking Physical Possession

The landscape for precious metals investing has changed and it is now easier, faster, safer and more efficient to buy, hold, and sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

For Family Offices, High Net-Worth Individuals, Trusts, Corporations, Institutions and even Government Agencies, there used to be only two options – take possession of physical metals or acquire electronically traded funds (known as ETFs or “paper gold”). The problems with taking possession of physical metals center around the cost and potential security issues with storing the items, plus the challenge in liquidating the metals when desired. Though ETFs can address these problems, they cannot be converted to actual gold and if there is a shortage on physical metal, the value of the ETF (such as GLD) could drop drastically against the value of physical gold itself.

With our Large Portfolio Metals Trading program, investors can combine the hard asset protection and direct ownership of physical possession with the convenience, security, low spreads, and ease-of-liquidity of ETFs. With our offering, investors can take a position in physical precious metals without having to receive the items personally. Instead, they are stored at the Texas Bullion Depository, the only state-administered precious metals storage facility in the country. The investor DOES own physical metals and can choose to take delivery at any time. Or, the assets can be retained at the Depository and can be added to, or liquidated, at any time, without ever needing to touch the metal.

Benefits of Storage at the Texas Bullion Depository

  • The Texas Bullion Depository is an agency of the State of Texas
  • Assets audited for accuracy and security according to schedules established by the office of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
  • 100% theft and damage insurance provided through Lloyd’s of London
  • Convenient process for deposits, withdrawals and billing
  • Monthly statements and 24/7 online account showing current holdings by ounce and comparative value in dollars
  • Photographic evidence of items in your portfolio, plus live video conference capabilities

Through our firm, metals investors also get preferred pricing for liquidations. Our bid/ask spreads are extremely low, which makes it possible to acquire and liquidate as-needed, with very low administrative costs and no broker's fees. For more information, contact our Liquidations Office at (512) 539-0821.

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