How Much Does a Gold Bar Weigh? and Other Gold Bar Weight Facts.

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What gold bar weights are available from the United States Gold Bureau?

How do you produce a standard-weight gold bar?

Refiners and mining companies deal in larger gold bars that are mixed with gold and other metals. These bars weigh somewhere in 400 Troy ounces / 12.4 kg / 27 pounds. A dore bar is a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver and is weighed and melted to ensure the contents are homogenous. This also guarantees the bar has a no pockets of high or low purity within the bar. A sample is taken from this melted dore and assayed to determine the exact amount of gold and silver present.

The refinery will then take the pure silver and gold and melt into their own bars of silver and gold or sell the pure precious metal in whatever form it is now in. To fully own a bar the refiner must complete a loco swap with the miner to acquire the bar.

What is a loco swap?

A loco swap is between a miner and a refinery and they swap the gold or silver they have without physically shipping it. The two companies agree to swap a precious metal with another in a different location.

To get a 400 oz gold bar from a dore bar that is received from the miner to a 99.5% gold bar it has to go through a chlorine refining process, also known as the Miller process. The Miller process bubbles chlorine gas through the melted dore metal. This allows silver to react with the chlorine to form silver chloride that then forms a slag on top of the molten precious metal. This process produces gold to a purity of 99.5% and is cast into 400 oz bars for the wholesale market.

What's the difference between bar, biscuit, and ingot?

They are all the same meaning for the term of a long bar of a precious metal. They can also be various other metals but normally refer to gold bars.

How big is the biggest bar of gold?

The world's largest gold bar stands at 250 kg (551 lb), measuring at the base 45.5 cm × 22.5 cm and 17 cm high with a 5-degree draft angle (equal to 15,730 cm³, or 17.9 in × 8.9 in × 6.7 in ≈ 1062.04 in³)

How much does a standard cast gold bar weigh?

The standard gold bar which banks across various countries deal with an example gold bar - 7 inches x 3 and 5/8 inches x 1 and 3/4 inches*

400 troy ounces

438.9 ounces

27.5 pounds

12.4 kgs

How do I invest in gold with gold bars?

You can start with our free investors guide.

What is the avoirdupois system?

The avoirdupois system is a standard for measuring weight based on there being sixteen ounces in a pound. There are approximately 14.583 troy ounces in an avoirdupois pound (Avoirdupois ounce = 14.583 troy ounces. Precious metals are always quoted in troy ounces (31.1 grams), as opposed to the standard avoirdupois ounce of 28 grams.

What are the scientific weights of gold?

Protons/Electrons: 79

Atomic Mass/weight : 196.96u

The gravity of gold / Density: 19.32 grams per cubic centimeter (Twice as dense as silver)

Number of Neutrons: 118

Does a gold bar weigh differently around the world?

How is a gold bar weighed in India?

Tola Biscuit / Bar  - 1 tola stands for 3.75 oz or 116.64 gram - 99.9% = standard 10 tola

How is a gold bar weighed in China?

Tael Biscuit / Bar -1 Tael equals to 1.20337 oz or 37.429 gram = 5 Tael biscuit / 187 gram

How is a gold bar weighed in Thailand?

Baht Biscuit / Bar - 10 Baht equals to 152.44 gram

How much does a COMEX minted gold bar weigh?

COMEX bars range between 95-105 oz based on purity. The most common is 100 oz size at a .9999 purity and is known as the standard for the North American gold futures market. Therefore, each $1 move in the price of gold translates into a $100 change in the value of the gold futures contract.

Can I find a counterfeit gold bar by weighing it?

This is an easy test for any bar that comes from an accredited mint like Perth, Credit Suisse or RMC. The exact weight is stamped into the bar and should weigh EXACTLY that. There are criminal offenses for misrepresenting the weight on a gold bar so if it weighs anything else, you've found a fake. Make sure your scale is balanced before running this test. It is also best to follow this test with a density test to find if the precious metal is throughout the bar or coin.

How much value is lost when this 1 kg 24k gold bar is smashed?

None! Gold does not lose its matter when smashed. Many gold dealers will buy bars that have normal wear and tear and the might be skeptical about a smashed bar, but after testing they will know if it is the real deal or not. They can then take the gold and re-cast the bar. Watch this 1000 oz gold bar as it is smashed in a hydraulic press

What do I weigh in gold?

Want to find out how precious you really are? Use this calculator to find how much you weigh in terms of gold and find your weight in gold.

How is gold assayed?

An assay is a type of metal analysis used to measure the purity of the certain metal. Typically used to ensure that coins or bars produced by the refiner to reach the purity standards of the manufacturer. Once meeting the standards, i.e. .999 pure or  .9999 pure, the metals can be stamped or poured into silver or gold bars and coins. Mints will send their products in individually sealed plastic assay cards to certify the assay is still accurate even after changing hands and sellers.

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