10 oz Silver Bars

With origins dating back to antiquity, the precious metal, silver, has endured for centuries as a highly useful and widely applicable material known the world over. While silver has played varying roles in virtually every human society throughout history, perhaps its most well-known use has been in the production of numismatic coins for countries around the globe. While this utility in coinage is arguably the precious metals’ most recognized claim to fame – a legacy that has lasted for more than 4,000 years now – alternative forms of silver have continued to gain popularity and praise in recent decades. Read more about 10 oz silver bars and bullion here

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The 10 oz Silver Bullion Bar

One such alternative is the silver bullion bar. Bullion bars boast an array of particular attributes - from their various size offerings to their abundance of refinery sources - and serve as unique means of investing in the precious metals market. As bullion pieces derive value from the amount and purity of their precious metal contents, versus from monetary face values as with legal tender coins, they don’t depend on the health of mainstream fiat currencies for their investment significance. As such, investing in pieces like silver bullion bars has become increasingly regarded as a reliable way to hedge against periods of economic turbulence within the mainstream money markets. These bars have come to be known not only for their resilience in these times of inflation, deflation, and devaluation but also for their endurance during geopolitical disturbances. The utility and benefits of silver bars are not reserved for times of unrest, however. More generally, silver bullion bars can be used in any economic climate to add depth and diversity to precious metal holdings, giving them lasting and broad appeal.

Why Buy a Silver Bar?

Silver, in general, has continued to enjoy increased recognition in recent decades as a reliable store of value, and this upward trend is likely to persist. As governments around the world keep pumping exponential amounts of legal tender bills and coins into their economies to battle ever-rising deficits, the values of modern fiat currencies are likely to be further diluted. In relation, silver bars and other forms of precious metal bullion will continue to trend upward, making them excellent investments in today’s market.

While legal tender silver coins are highly valued for many reasons, when traded, they often boast some of the most substantial premiums on the market. Since bullion bars are typically sold at lower margins than their numismatic counterparts, they can prove to be more affordable alternatives for investors looking to get into the precious metals market or expand upon their current holdings. Bullion bars often reflect trading prices closer to the value of the precious metal they contain, thereby giving buyers an often-bigger bang for their buck.

Silver bars are also attractive to many investors for their easily stackable rectangular shapes, availability in an array of weights, and pure precious metal contents. The United States Gold Bureau offers clients silver bullion bars ranging from one troy ounce to one kilo of silver. Landing on the larger end of our offerings is the 10oz bar, which can be purchased through the United States Gold Bureau from three esteemed producers: the International Trade Bullion, the Republic Metals Corporation, and the Sunshine Mint.

International Trade Bullion Silver Bars

The International Trade Bullion is a premium line of precious metal bullion products struck at a private refinery located in the Southwest region of the United States. As with all ITB products, the 10oz silver bar is struck in 100% recycled silver refined to a purity of .999 fine.

Republic Metals Corporation or RMC 10z Silver Bar

Our second 10oz silver bar hails from the internationally recognized Republic Metals Corporation headquartered in Miami, Florida. This east coast outfit was founded in 1980 and has since grown into one of the largest full-service refineries in the world, with production capacities averaging more than 7,000 tons per year. One of the operation's more unique features is its green refining technology, which often allows its pieces to be offered at more competitive terms. The RMC 10oz bar is a real stunner with its sharp design and unique details, but perhaps most striking of all is the bar’s frosted background, which gives the piece a particularly unique flair while allowing it to remain refined and elegant.

10 oz Silver Bar from the Sunshine Mint

The United States Gold Bureau also offers clients a 10oz bar from the Sunshine Mint, which has production and sales locations both in the United States and around the world. The Sunshine Mint now incorporates an added feature to denote its pieces’ authenticities and help fend against counterfeits. Bullion pieces from this mint include the brand’s Mint Mark SI™ security feature, which is a micro-engraved scrambled indicia exclusive to the Sunshine Mint, Inc. brand. This feature can only be made visible when the Mint Mark SI™ decoding lens is placed over the accompanying security pad.

All 10oz silver bullion bars offered by the United States Gold Bureau contain ten troy ounces of .999 fine silver and can be incorporated into self-directed IRAs.

Top Reasons to Buy 10oz Silver Bullion Bars from the United States Gold Bureau:

  • Bars and other forms of bullion silver continue to gain value, are increasingly stable investments, and excellent stores of value.
  • Silver is a world-renowned precious metal with widely recognized value and applicability across industries.
  • Bullion bars often reflect trading prices closer to the value of the precious metal they contain, thereby providing an often more affordable option for investing in silver.
  • All 10oz silver bars offered by the United States Gold Bureau are sourced from esteemed refineries, contain ten troy ounces of .999 fine silver and can be incorporated into self-directed IRAs.