5oz Silver Casted RMC Bar

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These bars contain 5 troy oz. of .999 fine silver.

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These 5 ounce silver bars s contain five troy ounces of .999 fine silver and are hallmark stamped with their exact purity and weight. Ideal for collectors and investors alike and made in the U.S.A. The cost of these bars is largely based on the current spot price of silver but nobody can buy precious metals at their spot price. A premium is added to the spot price of silver to determine the actual purchase price.

Silver bars come in many sizes from 1 Troy oz to 1000 Troy ounces. Silver bars are a more economical way to purchase precious metals because they have a lower premium than silver coins. A casted bar is produced by melting the precious metal and pouring it into an ingot mould that shapes the silver into bar form. Minted bars are different because they are hand cut to specific dimensions from a single flat piece of silver. The markings on minted bars are applied, in most cases, by a press.

Silver has many industrial uses and is included in many products. Mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, and cell phones are use silver. In fact, silver is the second most-consumed commodity next to oil. The emerging solar industry also makes ample use of silver.

Silver is a rare commodity and is trading less than it did in the 1980s. The last time silver was discovered in a significant concentration that significantly increased the amount of silver available was in Nevada in the late 1800s. Today, silver mines have much lower concentrations. Silver demand is outstripping supply because of the scarcity and the increase in industrial demand for the precious metal.

Silver is highly conductive. It is actually the most conductive metal on Earth. While conductive gold is cost prohibitive to use in many industrial applications. Silver has over 10,000 industrial uses. After gold is used it is recycled. In contrast, when silver is used it is currently destroyed and not recycled.

The amount required to invest in silver makes it more attainable for many investors and offers the potential for a low risk / high reward. The lower price point also makes silver ideal for bartering in uncertain times. The Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) produces these beautifully casted silver bars. Each bar is approximately 32.4x67x8mm. These silver bars will arrive in heat sealed plastic.

RMC began in 1980 and have been producing high quality precious metals products from their headquarters in Miami, Florida for over three decades now. It is one of the largest full service precious metals refineries in the world. RMC refines more than 7,000 tons of silver and gold in a state of the art 150,000 square foot facility. RMC uses their unique green refining technology that allows them to offer extremely competitive terms in the industry.

Environmentally friendly, RMC has is registered as an ISO4001 and ISO 9001: 2008 company. The London Bullion Market Authority (LBMA) also recognizes RMC as a Responsible Gold Party. This lofty title comes by conducting business according to the Patriot Act and supply chain policies.



Purity .999 Fine
Mint NA
Metal Silver
Exact Certification Raw


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