Lot of 3 - $50 Gold American Eagle 1 Troy oz. Coins

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The $50 Gold American Eagle Bullion has a face value of $50 and contains 1 oz of gold.


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The Gold American Eagle has was first minted in 1986 and has become the world's leading collectible and investment gold bullion item. Collectors and investors are drawn to this coin for its beauty and its fine metal content. Each coin is made from 22 karat gold (91.67% pure) and weighs 1.091 Troy ounces, which means it still contains a full Troy ounce of pure gold in it. The rest of the coin is made of silver and copper. This makes the coin more durable than a 24 karat coin would be, while still containing the same amount of gold. These coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Specific dates and mint marks (if applicable) are not guaranteed. Each coin has a face value of $50 with a content and purity backed by the United States government. Specific dates and mint marks (if applicable) are not guaranteed. Three (3) coins included in this sale, for a total of 3 Troy ounces of gold.



Shipping Speed No
Purity 22 Karat
Mint U.S. Mint
Metal Gold
Face Value $50
Exact Certification Raw
Year of Mintage Varies
Expedited Shipping Yes


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