2017 1 oz Gold American Buffalo Coin Brilliant Uncirculated

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The legendary $50 Gold Buffalo Coin contains 1 oz. of pure 24 karat gold. Specific years are not guaranteed. All coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
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$50 Gold American Buffalo Bullion

$50 Gold American Buffalo Bullion

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The Gold American Buffalo coin was the first .9999 pure 24 karat gold coins ever struck by the United States Mint. These coins are minted to give investors a chance to grab hold of legal tender produced by direct decree of the United States government.  

The production of the 24-karat Gold American Buffalo coin was the result of Public Law 109-145, known as the Presidential $1 Coin Act. The act is dated December 22, 2005.  In September 2008, the U.S. Mint had to suspend sales of the Gold American Buffalo coin because it could not keep up demand from investors turning to the safe haven of gold. The Smithsonian's coin collection includes two Gold American Buffalo coins because of the historical significance of the coin.  

  • Contains 1 Troy oz. of .9999 fine gold
  • Content and purity of each coin is guaranteed by the U.S. Government
  • Each coin arrives in Brilliant Uncirculated condition
  • Eligible for self-directed IRA (additional paperwork required – ask your specialist for details)  

The design of the American Buffalo gold bullion coin is a modified version of James Earle Fraser's design for the Indian Head nickel (Type 1), issued in early 1913. Fraser grew up in Winona, Minnesota. The frontier influence of his youth is evident in his designs as an artist and sculptor including the Indian Head nickel. After a raised mound of dirt below the animal on the reverse was reduced, the Type 2 variation continued to be minted for the rest of 1913 and every year until 1938, except for 1922, 1932, and 1933 when no nickels were struck.  

The obverse (front) of the coin depicts a Native American, whom Fraser said he created as a mixture of the features of three chiefs from different American Indian tribes, Big Tree, Iron Tail, and Two Moons. The obverse also shows the motto "LIBERTY" on the top right, the year of mintage on the bottom left, and below that the letter F for Fraser.  ;The reverse (back) of the coin stands an American Bison, which commonly are referred to as buffalo. The animal depicted on the reverse is believed by most to be the bison named Black Diamond, who lived in the New York City Central Park Zoo during the 1910s.  Each coin contains 1 oz of pure 24 karat gold. They are legal tender with content and purity guaranteed by the U.S. Government. Fulfillment is based on availability. Specific years are not guaranteed. 

All coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.  The U.S. Mint enjoys a long history of producing beautiful coins like the Gold American Buffalo coin. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States says “The Congress shall have the Power…To coin Money.” The framers of the constitution understood the need for the new Republic to have a monetary system. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton prepared plans for a national Mint shortly after the ratification of the Constitution. The Mint was created on April 2, 1792 when Congress passed The Coinage Act. It was the first federal building built under the Constitution. 



Purity .999 Fine
Mint U.S. Mint
Metal Gold
Face Value $50
Exact Certification Raw
Year of Mintage 2017


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