1 oz Gold Argor-Heraeus Bar

1oz Gold Bar Argor-Heraeus 1oz Gold Bar Argor-Heraeus 1oz Gold Bar Argor-Heraeus 1oz Gold Bar Argor-Heraeus
1oz Gold Bar Argor-Heraeus


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Metal Gold
Weight 1.0000 oz
Face Value N/A

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There are a lot of reasons to collect gold and a lot of manners in which one can do so. From uncirculated coins to bars of bullion, people from all walks of life and across the world are fascinated by the gorgeous yellow metal. Here at the United States Gold Bureau, we're proud to now offer gold bars from Argor-Heraeus, one of the leading manufacturers and refiners of precious metals. The company has its headquarters in Medrisio, Switerland and in addition to working with gold, they also refine the other precious metals like silver and platinum.

Argor-Heraeus offers a wide number of different sized bars, but this bar in particular weighs in at 1 ounce. The bar is 40.4 millimeters long, 23.3 millimeters wide, and 1.75 millimeters thick. The bars are packaged attractively and will include a note of certification. The logo of the company can be seen on the front of the bar. It appears as a stylized AH inclosed in a circle. The company's name in all caps is surrounding the initials, and underneath that is the weight and purity of the bar. The other side of the bar shows a repeating pattern of the stylized AH, circled and emblazoned across the back. Argor-Heraeus bars are composed of 999.9 fine gold and should fit just in the palm of your hand. Though this 1 ounce bar is tiny, it may surprise you with its relative heft.

In addition to you bar containing an assay assuring purity, the bar itself will be refined through modern chemical and electrolytic processes. There are a lot of different refineries working with precious metals today, but only one carries the clout that Argor-Heraeus does. Here at U.S. Gold Bureau, we're proud to offer this reputable German brand. Check out this 1 ounce gold bar today and discover the difference in gold minting Argus-Heraeus brings.

Composition: Gold
Purity: 999.9 fine gold
Weight: 1 oz
Length: 40.4 mm
Width: 23.3 mm
Thickness: 1.75 mm



Product Type Bar
Purity .999 Fine
Mint No
Metal Gold
Grade Raw

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