1921 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS63

1921 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar - NGC MS63 1921 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar - NGC MS63
1921 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar - NGC MS63


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Metal Silver
Mint Philadelphia
Weight 0.7734 oz
Face Value $1

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In 1921, production of the Morgan Silver Dollar recommenced - if only for a brief period - after previously having lapsed since 1904. Today, it's possible to order this coin in a condition graded Mint State 63 by the Florida-based Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.
The history of the Morgan Silver Dollar can be traced back to its authorization by 1878's Bland-Allison Act. The legislation required the U.S. Treasury to monthly produce dollars from silver purchased at the market value of between two and four million dollars. 

The Morgan Silver Dollar is partly named after George T. Morgan - who, in his capacity as United States Mint Assistant Engraver, crafted the obverse and reverse designs for this coin. The reverse shows an eagle, a familiar icon of the United States to this day, with wings outstretched. Studies of the bald eagle in nature helped Morgan prepare to make this design. 

Meanwhile, the obverse design depicts, in profile, the head of Liberty - another national icon, as particularly promoted by the popular monument of the Statue of Liberty. Morgan used a Philadelphia woman, Anna Willess Williams, as his model for the Morgan Silver Dollar's representation, forgoing the more traditional route of portraying a Greek-style figure.

The terms of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act enacted in 1980 required the U.S. government to monthly purchase an increased amount of silver: at least 4.5 million ounces. The supply of silver bullion bought under the legislation expired in 1904, when production of the Morgan Silver Dollar ceased... but only until 1921, when particular circumstances called for the coin's return.
As part of a propaganda campaign during World War I, the German government convinced citizens of India that, in this country, it was not possible to redeem British banknotes for silver. Hence, a run on British silver commenced. To counter this and help financially relieve the British government, the United States enacted the Pittman Act in 1918.

This Act led the U.S. to melt 270,232,722 dollars, of which 259,121,554 were sold to Britain. The Act also authorized the United States to, for each silver dollar melted, strike a replacement coin. The Morgan Silver Dollar was made again in 1921; however, later that year, it was succeeded by the Peace Dollar, which was intended to commemorate World War I's end.

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar that we are offering in this listing has a $1 face value, and 90% consists of fine silver; the remaining 10% of the content is copper. Therefore, 0.77344 Troy ounces of silver is in each piece, which weighs 0.859 Troy ounces - or 26.73 grams. 

This version of the coin does not display a mint mark; this indicates that it was produced at the Philadelphia Mint. The MS63 grading indicates possible slight impairment to the mint luster. Therefore, while the coin will be average in general quality, it will remain quite appealing.

You should also watch out for small contact marks and possible scattered and heavier marks. You might also spot small hairlines without magnification and a number of detracting scuff marks or defects. However, the silver content means that this piece remains worth considering for use as a valuable addition to an investor's portfolio.



Mint Philadelphia
Metal Silver
Face Value $1
Grade MS63
Grade Service NGC
Year 1921