100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies)

100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies) 100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies)
100 oz Silver Bar (Hallmark Varies)


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5 and more $1,749.99 $1,822.96
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Quick Specifications:

Metal Silver
Mint Varies
Weight 100.0000 oz
Face Value N/A

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Bullion silver bars come mostly in a rectangular shape and are composed of .999 and higher purity silver. Silver bars typically sell just above the current spot price of silver.

There is no correct weight to purchase when it comes to silver bars. Although it is important to know that smaller bars often come with a higher premium because it is just more cost-effective for mints to produce 100-ounce bars than 10-ounce bars. If you are an investor buying a large amount of silver for wealth preservation and asset diversification, larger bars will get you the most bang for your buck.

Bar Features:

  • 100 Troy oz. of .999 pure silver
  • Variety of Hallmarks like Republic Metals, Matthey, Royal Canadian, and Academy
  • Casted or Minted
  • Stacks and stores easily
The most common traded bars are bullion. Silver bullion is available in various forms, all of which are worth the same by weight, and contain the exact same amount of silver. The difference is that some investors prefer certain shapes over others for handling and storage options. Bars of the same size and brand can stack easily, decreasing the amount of space needed for storage.
Hallmarks include NTR Metals, Academy, Johnson Matthey, Royal Canadian, Englehard and others. Fulfillment based on availability.

Industrial uses account annually for more than half of global demand for the precious metal compared to only 10%-15% of global demand for gold for industrial purposes. For this reason, the price of silver is more related to economic conditions than gold.
There are several characteristics that silver possesses like strength, malleability, and conductivity that make it a viable metal to be used for industrial purposes. Silver’s conductivity is the highest for electricity and heat of any element.

Silver is used to solder and brazing alloys, batteries, dentistry, medicine, nuclear reactors, and water purification. The precious metal is prevalent in the high tech industry as well. RFID chips, photovoltaic energy, semiconductors, and touch screens all take advantage of the benefits of silver.

Silver is truly an indispensable metal.

Silver has the most powerful antibacterial properties with the least toxicity to animals of all chemical elements. Some of the first Americans would put silver dollars in milk bottles to prevent dysentery, flu, and other health issues. In the 1920's, millions of prescriptions were written containing silver. Silver biocides are prevalent in hospital operating rooms.

Net WeightGross WeightThicknessYearIRA Approved
100 troy oz3.100 kg21.20 mmRandomYes



Product Type Bar
Purity .999 Fine
Mint Varies
Metal Silver
Grade Raw
Grade Service No

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